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Understanding the unique environment of the law field, the Legal Division of Newmark Associates is filled with experts in identifying and customizing work spaces to suit law firms and related legal service providers.

The importance of flexibility – whether it be for expansion, reorganization, relocation or reconfiguration of an existing space – is key in adapting to the constant changes in the industry and to the specific workplace environment.

Our team (including a real estate attorney with over 25 years of legal experience) is well-equipped to deliver hands-on, personalized service focusing on specific needs and requirements.

Newmark Legal Services:

  • Analysis of Space Efficiency & Functionality
  • Review of Building Operating Cost History
  • Technology Consulting & Design
  • Planning for Future Business Growth & Diversification
  • Maximizing Efficiency in File Storage

The Newmark Legal Division offers many services which can assist in the alignment of the individual client’s real estate requirements with its economic goals. Trusted advisors including architects, space planners, appraisers, accountants and IT professionals work synergistically with our seasoned real estate and legal professionals.

Newmark Associates – adding the “extra” to the ordinary.