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CRESDA Announces Expansion to Include Project Management

CRESDA, the premier national source for supplier diversity in commercial real estate, is proud to announce the expansion of our commercial real estate services to include project management. This addition complements our well-established certified diverse commercial real estate brokerage services, marking a significant milestone in our growth.

Our venture into project management is a natural extension of our unwavering commitment to delivering certified diverse real estate services. We’re proud to hold diversity certifications in major markets across the United States, reflecting our dedication to inclusivity and excellence.

Highlights of our expansion include:

Comprehensive Services: We’re elevating our role from solely focusing on commercial real estate brokerage to offering full-spectrum project management services. This enables us to cater to all phases of a project, ensuring seamless execution.

Certified Diverse Partner Firms: In alignment with our core values, our partner firms are not only certified as women, minority, LGBTQ, and veteran-owned businesses, but also rigorously vetted for their quality and expertise. This guarantees exceptional service across various markets.

National Reach, Local Expertise: Our national presence allows us to serve Fortune 500 companies and other global real estate clients, bringing local expertise in our respective markets.

Driving Diversity, Advancing Communities: CRESDA is dedicated to fostering diversity within the commercial real estate sector. By channeling business to local communities through our nationwide network of diverse real estate professionals, we enhance diversity spend while directly impacting local communities.

This expansion represents our dedication to providing unparalleled services while upholding the values that define CRESDA.