Newmark Associates



Searching for Commercial Property in New Jersey

Judith Feldman, Managing Director of Newmark Associates, shares her knowledge as a commercial real estate professional in regards to purchasing and leasing commercial real estate in New Jersey. here.


Revisiting Your Lease Terms During COVID-19

Deborah (Debbie) Myers, Managing Director of Newmark Associates, discusses the importance of being able to critically identify market opportunities and creatively structure the economics of business transactions. Debbie also expands on the important steps of revisiting your lease in addition to consulting with your real estate professional during extraordinary circumstances such as COVID-19. Listen here.


Opening Doors in CRE

Nancy Glick, COO of Newmark Associates and Co-founder of the Commercial Real Estate Supplier Diversity Alliance (CRESDA), details why such an initiative is vital to the future of CRE. Listen here.