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Under the direction of a true professional with advanced education in healthcare management and extensive, practical experience in the field, the team of Newmark’s Healthcare Services Division understands that healthcare professionals face a multitude of issues forcing practices to re-assess their real estate needs in today’s market.

We ask important questions that are certain to help build your business.

Newmark Healthcare Business Concerns: 

  • Is it smart or possible to relocate?
  • Does it make more sense to stay in place and enhance the environment to make it more patient-friendly?
  • Is it in the practice’s best interest to compress and dispose of extra space?
  • Should a practice continue leasing its space or consider purchasing it outright to build equity?

Finding amicable parking solutions is one of the many areas of expertise of the Newmark Healthcare Services DivisionSpecific to the needs of healthcare tenants, parking demands are greater than those of average users due to a higher use of vehicles requiring a greater ratio of parking per square foot of space (e.g. ambulances). In order to find the right fit for a client, our experienced brokers must understand the zoning ordinances specific to each town that govern parking for medical use.

The process of structuring a lease for medical tenants can be complicated. That’s why we created the Newmark Healthcare Services Division, to fully comprehend the myriad of approvals needed for a higher standard of use business and to fully investigate the feasibility of such approvals.

The vast knowledge and strong leadership skills of Newmark Associates Healthcare Services Division assembles a multi-faceted network of experts needed to structure and fulfill all the contingencies of such a lease.

Newmark’s Healthcare professionals possess the critical knowledge and skill to protect and establish a rapport between all parties involved in such transactions, keeping an informed and attentive eye on the local and regional marketplace as well as the changing trends affecting the healthcare industry.

Newmark Associates – adding the “extra” to the ordinary.