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In alignment with development goals of the State of New Jersey, Newmark Associates Industrial Division is focused on attracting and retaining business in the Garden State through a wide variety of progressive, strategic and ethical initiatives.

Attentive to the ever-changing marketplace trends, Newmark Associates is well-versed in New Jersey real estate regulatory laws as well as the diverse zoning ordinances. Prepared with up-to-date, accurate information, we guide clients through the search process affording them every opportunity to succeed in the New Jersey business environment. Our trusted team will review and provide a comprehensive analysis of industrial criteria including the following:

Newmark Industrial Criteria Services 

  • Access to Critical Functions, Suppliers & Customers
  • Operating Costs
  • Visibility & Image, including:
    • Loading Facilities
    • Efficient Product Flow
    • Transportation Access
    • Rail Access
    • Ceiling Height
    • Floor Load
    • Bay Size
    • Site Selection
    • Facility Assessment
  • Tenant & Owner Representation
  • Access to New Jersey’s Economic Development Programs
  • Presentation of Options Designed to Meet Current & Future Growth
  • Comparing Alternatives, i.e.: Lease vs. Purchase
  • Creatively  Negotiate Lease Terms – that protect your interests
  • Assistance in the Relocation Process

With over 25 years of market experience and knowledge, including well-respected relationships with owners in the field, Newmark Associates has demonstrated industrial expertise and will work on your behalf to provide the most efficient options for your company, giving you a competitive advantage.

Newmark Associates – adding the “extra” to the ordinary.